6 Apple Watch Designs In Pictures

Apple has announced on 9th of September the new iPhone 6 and its models and features but also surprised people by announcing the new product of apple which is the Apple Watch. The apple watch is not a normal watch hence it is considered to be a complete life style solution combining sport functionality and

Best Wedding Fails Compilation 2014

We have seen before videos showing wedding fails where some of them were risky some of them funny or even weird, but for the latest fails you need to see this video it is really funny. In this video I am presenting the best wedding fails compilation 2014 which you’ll find all of the best

10 Weird Cars You Will Find Only In Dubai

We all know how Dubai became a world’s unique icon of all wonders specially when it comes to weird stuff. In this time’s article I am sharing with you another weird stuff you will find only in Dubai which is the 10 weird cars you will find only in Dubai. So lets start our list:

Top 30 PlayStation 4 Games of 2014

During and even after the Sony announcement of  the PlayStation 4 releasing date during the end of 2013 many video game companies started working to produce their game’s new versions that will be compatible with PlayStation 4 platform with a better video presentation and better quality due to the great PlayStation 4 hardware specifications. When

Top 25 Must see movies of 2014

We all know how movies are taking parts of our daily conversations or our time on weekends and we all have in minds movies we never forget we watched during our life time, however in this article I will share with you the 25 must see movies of 2014 were we found in the internet